Zennfinnity Was Here

“A funny and self-assured collection that may well earn Jeff Pearson a place among the tier of contemporary humorists.” - Vincent Dublado

Dirty Dimebag—what is that foul smell?

A meal is delivered, and a grave is dug. And thus, it begins. From here, as fickle fate will show, there is never any limit to what can happen in this cosmic menagerie of beauty and its beastly companions, this world as we think we know it. Zennfinnity was here, indeed—maybe—who knows?

Grab your favourite mood-enhancing beverage, place a traffic cone on your noggin, and mount your lumbering elephant for a wild ride through trials and tribulations you’ll recognize and others you possibly didn’t know existed. Life and death, love and hate, freedom and the walls of the prison that haunt us all: yin and yang out the rang-a-tang. From the flickering flames of a remote wilderness bonfire, bursting with the embers of ubiquitous sexual tension, to the rhino-rich plains hiding in the shadows of the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas—and the long, long road in between—come eleven stories of mischief, mayhem, suffering, and survival. Oh, the humanity of it all.

And in the end? Ya, of course—we all get fooled again.

Zennfinnity Was Here. (And probably over there, too).

“Elaborate and engaging tales … Zennfinnity Was Here’s excellence lies in its uniqueness. This smashing, thought- provoking collection of stories … is perfect for mature readers from all walks of life because of its realistic representations, splendid humor, and attention to detail ….”

 Foluso Falaye for Readers’ Favorite

“(An) incredible collection … vivid descriptions make it easy to visualize the scenes. Zennfinnity Was Here will take you on a wild ride through a myriad of experiences including life, death, love, hate, trials, tribulations, and some weird and wonderful encounters.”

 Natalie Soine for Readers’ Favorite

“Well-written … intriguing … a captivating collection of stories. Each tale has something different to offer, and you can’t help but feel enriched and accomplished after finishing the book.”

 Pikasho Deka for Readers’ Favorite

“Affecting stories … an ecosystem of absurd slices of life that (is) sure to illuminate your consciousness. Pearson is a master of setups with a keen eye for awkward situations. A roller-coaster ride … an exhilarating experience.” - Vincent Dublado For Readers' Favorite

Welcome to D*ck n B*lls Tower!

What’s it like to live and work deep in forested isolation at a fire tower for six months of the year? While battling mental instability. And the medication prescribed for it. And your Mother. And your Maker. And your Maker’s assassins who see you as nothing more than an easy piece of meat supported by two edible stilts. And inappropriate behaviour around your female supervisor’s posterioso perfectus. And a tendency to enter your wiener boat in too many spankathons. And a multitude of other questionable habits. And, and, and, ad infinitum.

Oh, Tony. Tch, tch, tch.

Meet Tony Butterworth (and his unfortunate sidekick, “Gorby”), a fifteen-year veteran of forestry’s seasonal Game of Towers. A secret worshipper at the altar of that delectable skankstress, Muffy—sixty kilometers to his southeast. Co-conspirator and trusty lookout for Dingleberries’ infamous “Turd Burglar,” Boogie Bowshaw. Sufficiently obsessed with the legendary tower duo, D*ck n B*lls. Novice Cornholer. Whisper Gardell’s new reluctant boyfriend.

Oh, Tony. It’s Uncle Bonzo, mate. Can you smell the shrimp on the barbie? Why don’t you drop in and join us for a round. Where for art thou? Tony. We miss you.

“Hysterical and inventive … an ingenious and brilliant work of art … I won’t be forgetting it any time soon.”

 Foluso Falaye for Readers’ Favorite

“If I had to summarize this cocktail of insanity, I’d say get a tall glass, add one shot of Terry Pratchett, a healthy measure of Hunter S. Thompson, top up with some Jim Jefferies and garnish with one of those special mushrooms people aren’t supposed to eat….”

 Michael Gardner for Readers’ Favorite

“The plot is quirky and completely unique … the narrative throughout is wonderfully vivid and descriptive … this novel will make you laugh but also shed a tear….”

 Lesley Jones for Readers’ Favorite

Miss Nude Canada's Shoes

(And Other Fiascos) Act I * Greenhorn

2020 Readers’ Favorite Book Award Winner

Sooner or later, everyone comes face to face with a fiasco— even the innocent, angelic types like Miss Nude Canada circa 1986. Generally speaking, fiascos, which thankfully come in many different forms, are events where the caca hits the fan; there’s failure, breakdown or catastrophe of some sort and everything just slithers off of the rails in a sickening, sideways fashion. Human idiocy, in all of its glorious manifestations, is often the fiasco’s prime catalyst with ego-squashing humiliation its necessary outcome. Fiasco-prone humans with an above-average surplus of caca-splattered fan-blades in their closets have many (sordid) tales to tell. Mr. Pearson, the floor is all yours....

In the classroom, on stage, in a canal, in a strip club. In a helicopter, on a bicycle, with Scientologists, in a courtroom. Across Canada, Down Under, in California and Mexico and beyond. And the question then begs to be asked: is life just one, long, continuous chain of calamitous fiascos?? (Answer inside). 

“Certain scenes had me laughing out loud and then there were literally pages upon pages that I wanted to revisit and experience once again.”

 Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

“Witty and compelling ... insanely funny stories.”

  Lesley Jones for Readers’ Favorite

“Author Jeff Pearson has a totally charming, witty, and intelligent presence that runs through the narration of this book....”

  K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

“Jeff Pearson has a way of molding life and moments, some perfect and others that are at times very scary, into a whirlpool of words that the reader is able to step into and experience for themselves. Miss Nude Canada’s Shoes is the most brought-to-life memoir I’ve read, and I have read a few in my day.”

  Erin Nicole Cochran for Readers’ Favorite

Miss Nude Canada's Shoes

(And Other Fiascos) Act II * Yukon

In bars and taverns, on a Reserve, in a motel room, on a mine site. On lakes and rivers, in a canoe, on a raft, in the backcountry, on top of a moose. With homeless hobos in an inner city slum. And the question then begs to be asked: is life just one, long, continuous chain of calamitous fiascos??

“Readers who enjoy candid storytelling will find that Pearson leaves no stone unturned in order to paint the portrait of his adventures, engrossing readers with vivid depictions of persons and places.... ‘Yukon’ is a superb read highly recommended for memoir and comedy fans everywhere.”

 K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

Miss Nude Canada's Shoes

(And Other Fiascos) Act III * Hodgepodge

On a motorcycle, in a bus, on a scooter, in hiking boots. With humans, with dogs, with Tasmanian devils and angels. Either sober, hammered, high, or hungover. In Thailand, Argentina, Nepal, and, of course, Canada. And the question then begs to be asked: is life just one, long, continuous chain of calamitous fiascos?? (Answer inside).

“Author Jeff Pearson’s work only increases in quality as the stories keep coming.... Overall, you should certainly read all of Jeff Pearson’s amazing life stories for the full effect, and ‘Hodgepodge’ will be the cherry on top of a high-quality memoir series.”

  K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite


Miss Nude Canada's Shoes

(And Other Fiascos) Acts I, II & III

An epic trilogy of fiascos, mayhem, and adventure, all rolled into one raucous ride!

"Don’t let the title fool you. Although exotic dancing shoes and drug and alcohol-fuelled fiascos play their part—often humorous or horrifying (which one, exactly, depends on the disposition of the reader)—Pearson’s memoir has depth and is peppered with heartwarming and occasionally heartbreaking tales.

Miss Nude Canada’s Shoes collects tales ranging from Pearson’s childhood in Small Town Canada in the seventies to adventures abroad as a young adult. The subject matter of the stories is as vast as their geography. From bullying and mental illness, to paranormal mysteries of the Universe, to harrowing international adventures and, closer to home, life or death paddles on the Yukon River. The result: a compelling, distinctly Canadiana read." 

 Jo-Anne Johnson

"Miss Nude Canada's Shoes (And Other Fiascos) is a very entertaining autobiographical read. The book is a high-flying rollercoaster ride detailed by the author of his personal life adventures travelling around the world. If you enjoyed reading Jon Krakauer's, "Into the Wild," then Miss Nude Canada's Shoes (And Other Fiascos) is a must read for you.

 John Lehman

"Buckle up for a wild ride! Jeff Pearson’s many adventures are told with humour, honesty, and a keen wit. Zig-zagging through time and place, his zest for life is evident. Combine a sharp mind and descriptive writing style with some unusual exploits, and you have a great read.

 Ellie Parks