I found a lot of these long-forgotten, personal 'treasures' fairly recently. They were stashed in an old suitcase and tucked away under a basement stairwell in my parent's home. The flimsy piece of paper that says 'Drunk' on it goes as far back as 35 years! Memory lane is cobble-stoned with a vast array of disparate oddities: here's a small sampling of mine.

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1984 Memorabilia - Drunk down under

Unemployed, drunk and thrown into a foreign jail cell—who wouldn’t be proud of that? Fun Down Under. (1984)

1985 Memorabilia - Lou Reed

Honoured to say that I saw that concert in Oz. RIP, legendary wildcard, Lou. (1985)

1986 Memorabilia - Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg Fiascos

The Who and I jet-setting in the spirit of Keith Moon madness. Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg--fiascos. (1986)

1986 Memorabilia - Honrepayne ON ticket

Doesn’t every self-respecting Canadian have one of these? Fighting forest fires in Hornepayne, ON. (1986)

1988 Memorabilia - Swift bike courier

This is what a bike-couriering Scientologist prone to accidents looks like. (1988)

1989 Memorabilia - go west young man

Go west, young man. (1989)

Note from American Hero/Saviour 1989

Scribbled note from my American hero/saviour, Adam, during the aftermath celebration somewhere in Acapulco. (1989)

1989 buss pass

One of my ‘revamped’ bus passes from ‘Long-Haul Bus Rider.’ (1989)

United Steelworkers of America 1989

United we stand! ‘Pumpy’ the Pump Boy days. (1989)

Volunteer letter 1989

I must have been busy volunteering somewhere? (1989)

Old-timey girls 1989

Old-timey girls, gambling and booze, Dawson City-style. (1989)

1990 Memorabilia - Capt Bill's card

A proud, card-carrying member of this disgusting club. (1990)

1995 Memorabilia - trekking permit Nepal

Trekking permit for Helambu route, Nepal. (1995)

Nepalese bacterial bomb 1995

This is what you get to remedy a Nepalese bacterial bomb. Cost: a buck and change. (1995)

1996 Memorabilia - police report

Thai police report. See, ‘Gigantic Thai-Frantic.’ (1996)

1999 Memorabilia - Live Theater poster

Author dabbles in live theater acting, Take 1. (1999)

2000 Memorabilia - activist dwarf

Author as activist ‘dwarf.’ Have ‘wheelbarrow,’ will travel. (2000)

2001 Memorabilia - live theater take 2

Author dabbles in live theater acting, Take 2. (2001)

Live theater act 3

Author dabbles in live theater acting, Take 3. (2001)

Roger Waters ticket

My memoir begins on the ‘dark side’ with this creative genius lending a hand.