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Photo Gallery

I carted these around for years. In photo albums, in a large, heavy container. I am a minimalist at heart (thank you age of digital storage!). After scanning the worthy ones, they all got buried in the ground in a sealed container. Here's a tiny sliver of a peek into a fellow traveller's world ...

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Curragh YT photo - 1989

In the graveyard at Curragh’s mine site near Faro, Yukon (1989).

yukon river photo - 1990

The marge of Lake Laberge, Yukon River (1990).

 dempster hwy photo - YT

Off the Dempster Hwy, YT: Who’s Next? (faintly)(1990).

Kluane Lake YT Photo - 1991

Climbing Sheep Mountain, above Kluane Lake, YT (1991).

photo gallery - salt spring island

Like a bat out of Fulford Harbour: Salt Spring Island (SSI), BC (1995).

panty hosers - BC 1995

SSI (Panty-) Hosers (1995).

1998 Photo Album - Safety First

Safety first, children: SSI (1998).

salt spring sanctuary 1998

Idyllic Salt Spring sanctuary (1998).

autumn attire SSI 1998

Off to the pub in autumn attire, SSI (1998).

pantomime dwarves - 1999 SSI

Pantomime dwarves in rehearsal, SSI (1999).

Nepal photo gallery - himalayan lang tang range 1995

Himalayan Lang Tang range, Nepal (1995).

near chitwan national park - Nepal 1995

Rural scene near Chitwan National Park, Nepal (1995).

Thailand photo gallery - river kwai 1996

Sunset Singhas on the River Kwai, Thailand (1996).

indoor campsite - 1998

Rare indoor campsite (BC) while cycling across Canada (1998).

Pacific coast photo gallery - big tree 2000

Man small, tree big: Pacific Coast cycle-tour (2000).

Utah photo gallery - canyonlands 2001

Brother 'Bont' checking depth in Canyonlands, Utah (2001).

 Argentina photo gallery - one lane road 2002

Magical, isolated, one-lane road in the mountains of Argentina (2002).

rural argentina 2002

Typical, rural Argentinian scene (2002).

fast ride into Chile 2002

Check your brake pads: fast, free ride down into Chile (2002).

valparaiso chile - 2002

Weighing our options in Valparaiso, Chile (2002).

goin mobile 2002

'Goin Mobile' (again) for a couple of years (2002).

inside mobile 2002

A peek inside (2002).

2003 photo gallery - california hwy 178

Hiking off California Hwy 178: beauty (2003).

2004 photo gallery - mountain lookout

Mountain Lookout (2004).

2005 photo gallery - Sylvan Lake cold days

Cold days in Sylvan Lake, AB (2005).

smoke on the horizon 2004

Smoke-man running across the horizon: from a fire tower (2004).

local youngsters, salivating dog 2005

Local youngsters and a salivating dog (2005).

1991 photo gallery - Penticton hitching days

Hitching days: where I slept in Penticton, BC (1991)

2006 photo gallery - canoe trip to Drumheller, AB

Red Deer to Drumheller, AB via canoe (2006).

2008 photo gallery - hiking bryce canyon

Hiking Bryce Canyon, Utah (2008)

breakfast in Joshua tree Nat'l Park 2008

Breakfast in Joshua Tree National Park, California (2008).

car camping kelso Dunes CA 2008

Car-camping at the Kelso Dunes, California (2008).

death valley at Badwater 2008

Death Valley view from the low point of Badwater (2008).

Grand Canyon 2008

Small head in a big (Grand) Canyon (2008).

2009 photo gallery - bear & ball

Exercising with a local at a fire tower (2009).

2011 photo gallery - patriotic cuban bakers

Patriotic Cuban bakers and their man (2011).

beast of burden 2011

Colourful beast of burden (2011).

cuban snacks 2011

What a touring cyclist in Cuba snacks on (2011).

Spanish reaction 2011

A common reaction to my Spanish (2011).

the universal language 2011

The universal language (2011).

cuban road 2011

A day on the road in Cuba (2011).

tropical fertile Cuba 2011

Tropical fertile (2011).

cuba personified 2011

Cuba personified (2011).

 buckethead 2011

Buckethead’s cousin in for the night with Hemingway. (2011).

cuban blue 2011

Cuban blue (2011).

photo gallery - lake havasu AZ

Off-road mountain biking, Lake Havasu, AZ (2012).

photo gallery - farmer & his wife

“See them? Near the barn … it looks like the farmer and his wife have lost something in the hay.” (2013)


2014 photo gallery - who took my peanuts

“Who the hell took my peanuts? They were right there on the counter!” (2014).

2 kms from the tower - 2014

From a lightning strike, only two kms from the tower (2014).

2015 photo gallery  mammata

Ominous-looking mammata (2015).

 outhouse bear 2015

Some actually like the smell (2015).

2017 photo gallery - cougars

Taken from the tower: just beyond my driveway (2017).

 New Zealand 2013

Lush New Zealand green (North Island): 3 months on 2 wheels (2013).

Jamaica in new zealand 2013

A Canadian talks to Germans about a Jamaican in New Zealand (2013).

scented maori warrior 2013

Scented Maori warrior (2013).

wet Jeff in NZ 2013

Biker beware: cycle around NZ long enough and you will get wet -- often (2013).

Milford Sound 2013

Breathtaking Milford Sound (2013).

landscape shot 2013

The land of a thousand beautiful landscape shots (2013).

saucer-y clouds 2013

Saucer-y lenticular clouds approaching Mt. Cook (2013).

red head scrumpy 2013

Sharing my final day in NZ with a red-head, Scrumpy and a cold (hence the oranges (& cider)) (2013).

2016 photo gallery - javelina meets kayaker

Javelina meets kayaker in Topock Marsh, AZ (2016).

Lake Mead at Hoover Dam 2016

On Lake Mead looking at the Hoover Dam (2016).

2017 photo gallery - Apache Lake

Apache Lake, AZ: one of the most glorious days I've ever spent on the planet (2017).

Apache lake to myself 2017

Apache Lake almost all to myself (2017).

Don’t let the title fool you. Although exotic dancing shoes and drug and alcohol fuelled fiascos play their part - often humorous or horrifying (which one, exactly, depends on the disposition of the reader) - Pearson’s memoir has depth and is peppered with heartwarming and occasionally heartbreaking tales.

Miss Nude Canada’s Shoes collects tales ranging from Pearson’s childhood in Small Town Canada in the seventies to adventures abroad as a young adult. The subject matter of the stories is as vast as their geography. From bullying and mental illness, to paranormal mysteries of the Universe, to harrowing international adventures and, closer to home, life or death paddles on the Yukon River. The result: a compelling, distinctly Canadiana read.

~ Jo-Anne Johnson