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Please feel free to have a look around here at this small sampling of a larger body of work and if you discover something that you wish to use or work with in any way, please honour standard copyright laws by contacting me and asking for permission. Thank you.

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The Colourless Rainbow

Silence of Mystery

What Must Be Seen

Mr. H


High Planes Drifter

Will Do My Very Best

Wrong to Turn

The Rippled Pond

White-Winged Sky

Count to Ten

Song for Tomorrow

So It Seems

Sing to the Man

Then I Float

The Cuffing

From the Well

No Time

Way Back When

Light From the Stars

Purple Swirl

Lonely Space

Desert Flower

(Creation) We Are the Ones

Kim Kardashian Bought New Shoes

Let Captain Morgan Row

Section 8

Turquoise and Teal

A Christmas Card for Saint Elvis

Desert Home

Girl ... You Send Me to the Moon!

Dream World

Mister Nasty

Not Around